An Innovation in Computer Repair

A Computer that is sick with Spyware, Viruses, Trojans, Worms and Rootkits can be expensive and frustrating to fix. A visit to the computer repair shop can cost hundreds of dollars and leave you computer-less for days. Trying to find a solution online can be confusing to say the least. Don't you wish someone would come up with a program that can be run at home, that's inexpensive, foolproof and so easy to use you don't have to ask your kids for help? --- Well... we have!

The Power of Chamisa

Once you've downloaded Chamisa it's like having your very own computer repair technician available at the click of your mouse. It is a new, innovative program that will radically change the way you think and feel about computer repair. When you download Chamisa there are no confusing pop ups, graphs, charts or questions to answer. Chamisa makes all those decisions for you. So easy, even your grandma can do it! Just download Chamisa and it will start its deep computer cleanse, repairing whatever needs to be done. This means you can load Chamisa, let it run while you sleep, and in the morning your computer is healthy and working perfectly. Chamisa has one of the BEST Customer Support teams and the most knowledgeable Computer Repair Technicians waiting to answer any questions you may have!

Is Your Computer Showing Symptoms of a Virus Attack?

We've all been there. Your computer is so sick that it takes forever to load. I don't mean just lagging, I mean the "turn your computer on, make your breakfast and it's still not loaded" kind of slow. Or you try to go to one website and get redirected to someplace totally different.
How about those fake anti-virus alerts, your screen constantly freezing or you open your browser and get a message that the webpage cannot be found.
Then there are those messages that tell you Windows has stopped working and your computer needs to restart, or better yet, your desktop icons have begun to disappear... and that's if you can get your computer to come on at all! It can drive a person crazy!
Chamisa repairs all of these issues. Are you starting to see the difference between Chamisa and what you've tried in the past?
Computers are marvelous machines until they don't work. Then they become an overwhelming source of aggravation, irritation and time and money lost. Before you throw yours out the window or spend days and hundreds of dollars at the repair shop, take a moment to see what Chamisa can do for you!

20 Minutes vs 5 Hours. Which program do you think works?

Let's face it, most of us don't know to how to fix our computers or remove a computer virus. That's why we buy anti-virus protection. That protection doesn't always work and a virus or other malware can sneak by and cause immediate or progressive damage.
88% of computers are unknowingly infected with some kind of malicious software that is undetectable without paying a computer technician for diagnosis and removal.
Chamisa is the only software repair program that takes 5+ hours to run.
CWhy you ask? Because that's how long it takes to truly fix your computer.
Existing computer repair software and registry cleaners claim to repair problems in 30 minutes or less. Really?
Chamisa is not to be confused with registry cleaners or restore point programs. Registry programs only skim the surface and restore point programs will wipe out valuable data.