Slow Loading - If your homepage takes forever to load or if you try to access other pages and they are very slow to load, you most probably have a virus. Chamisa fixes that.

Fake Anti Virus Alerts-These are those alerts that pop up over the screen your working on, most with an annoying buzzer, that tell you your computer is infected with viruses. Chamisa fixes that.

Computer locks up - You know when you're surfing the internet and you go to click and you realize your mouse is locked in place on the other side of the page and won't move. You can't left click, you can't right click, the escape button doesn't do anything, control alt. delete is useless, I mean the only thing you can do is hard power it down. Chamisa fixes that.

Changed File Extensions - File extensions are the .*** (.doc for word documents) that tell your computer which program to open certain files with. A lot of malware can change those extensions. Once those settings have been changed, then your computer no longer knows what program to open what file with, rendering it useless. Chamisa fixes that.

Windows Alerts - A message that tells you windows isn't responding or working properly and it needs to close. Chamisa fixes that.

The Page you want cannot be displayed/Server not Found- This means that your computer is not accessing the internet. This may be internet related, hardware related or malware related. Our technical team can help with all of the above. Most of the time... Chamisa fixes that.

Disappearing Desk Top Icons- Malware can create a slew of different problems on your computer. A fairly popular intrusion is that it hides all the icons on your desktop. They're not really gone, they're just hidden. Chamisa fixes that.

Can't open any programs-When you click to open the internet and absolutely nothing happens, so you try to open I luck. So you try to open something else but nothing will open... Chamisa fixes that.