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The other day I took my desktop to Cook's Computer on Savannah Street for their $25.00 tune up special they've been offering on the radio. There was nothing wrong with my computer but it was running a little slow. One day later, I picked up my computer and wow, what a difference. I had forgotten how fast it could run. This is a great deal for anyone in the Rabun County area. Call them at 706-782-0065. I'm a very satisfied customer

Peter McIntosh

The Welcome Center computer was in need of a tune-up and we took advantage of the special from Cooks Computer. We couldn't have been more pleased with the service and quick response from the guys at Cooks to do the job. Evan, their technician, made several trips to the Welcome Center to make sure that I was satisfied and had no other questions or issues. Right now, you can get a $179 overhaul at a special price of $75.00 using the new Chamisa software. Read more about Chamisa below in the member news or at: www.Chamisa.co or tim@chamisa.co 706-782-0065.

Tony Alred